In 2019 students began to question how they could respond to the trauma and pain that exists in the world. We wrestled with conversations on recognizing God's presence in times of devastation and how people of faith are called to respond. Does scripture give us guidance in speaking to issues, of racism, sexism, politics and ecology?  To respond UCM is collecting questions from students on these issues. Local clergy and campus ministers will provide encouragement and resources on how one can respond.  This project is open to any college student at local college and universities in the greater Houston area.  For more information on the project contact Rev. Tamika Nelson via email at or visit the info below to submit your interest in participating. 

How to Participate

There are a few ways that you can participate in the project

Submit a Question- You may submit a question to the project via text or video. If you would like your video premiered in the project video, you must give UCM the rights to use the video in the final production of the project on the google form below. Submit your question via text or video to Please list your campus location and classification in the body of the email. We will not publish your name or information unless you give permission on the google form below. 

Editing- Are you interested in assisting with editing the final production of this project? Once questions and responses are received, we'll need assistance with video formation and graphics. 

Discussion Guide: For each episode we'll produce a discussion guide. If you'd like to brainstorm on topics and recommended reading for each episode we'd love to have you join us. 

Two ways to join, you may email your question/video or participation preference to or by ccompleting the google form here.