Texas Southern University

Since the 1990s, UCM has had a relationship with the students of Texas Southern University. After a decade-long hiatus, UCM returned to care for and develop students on the TSU campus in the fall of 2021. Since then UCM has offered various connection opportunities individually and with ecumenical partners such as TSU Wesley, Catholic Newman, Houston Canterbury, and HouMin Campus Ministries. 


Every Tuesday, UCM gathers with their partners from Houston Canterbury and HouMin Lutheran Campus ministry to provide a nutritious meal and casual worship service. Students gather and reflect on the lectionary text each week and participate in prayer for our local and global communities.  UCM offers additional opportunities for TSU students to build community with the UCM UH community. 

Location for Food for the Soul

St. Luke The Evangelist Episcopal Church

3530 Wheeler Ave.

Houston,Texas 77004