Join UCM to understand how faith impacts your life.  UCM helps students determine what informs their faith. It is your journey. We are here to help facilitate answering your questions, provide guidance, and affirm your identity. Check out these resources to help empower your faith. You can also connect to UCM by joining our GROUPME.

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Here are some resources you can use to journey and strengthen your faith on your own.


REgister With UCM

Are you ready to join UCM? The first step is to help us get to know you and identify your needs. Please complete this form so we can get to know you better and plug you in for all our events, resources, and opportunities. 

Get A Grip Student Inquiry

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have someone a call away to check in with? When you sign up for the Get a Grip Opportunity you are connected with a mentor who will help you navigate murkey situations and also celebrate your milestones. Click here to sign up being connected with a mentor. Even if you sign up you're not committed to the program. An orientation is required to participate.

Pastoral Care

Did you know that UCM has a minister on staff ready to hear and care for your needs? You can request an appointment to speak with them by clicking their name below.

Rev. Tamika

These appointments are for spiritual care and general support. All mental health concerns are handled through the CAPS office. (Counseling and Professional Services)


Take this simple survey to help guide you in determining where you are in your faith. Use this tool to help articulate your faith and ask UCM to support your goals in your faith journey.