Mission Experience 21'

This year students have selected to study the various aspects of interfaith dialogue.  We will journey through understanding the common ground between Eastern and Western Religions, Interfaith collaborations, and the spiritual practices of each religion. Participants will depart the UH campus on Saturday March 13th and return Tuesday March 16th. This is an all expense paid trip, however participant requirements exist.  An online information session will be held in September.  Due to COVID-19 the trip will remain within the state of Texas and will only be finalized based on COVID-19 travel recommendations. 

Mission Experience 20'

Each year students select a subject to study. During the 2019-2020 academic year we studied social justice and faith. We began by learning about Liberation Theology and that loving God, but not your neighbor can not coexist. During Spring Break, students faculty and staff traveled to Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham Alabama . While in Alabama the students and staff explored the issue of mass incarceration, racism, and voter suppression. The sites included The Legacy Museum, The Birmingham Civil Rights Museum, 16th Street Baptist Church, The Peace and Justice Memorial, and the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  Students will complete a panel discussion with local clergy to answer the question how our faith calls us to respond to injustice.