Here's your chance. Is there a burning question you have about faith , what it means, how you should respond, or is the bible still relevant?  UCM is launching a web series to address student faith questions.  Responses will be given by local clergy and will air on our new UCM webpage.  

Here's the Process

You can submit your question via text or video. Your question will be answered by local clergy and formatted in video format for viewing.  You can remain anonymous or select to have your submission video as part of the series.

Once completed UCM, will host further discussion around the questions and responses.  We are open to respond to any question but UCM focus is exploring the intersection of faith and racism, sexism, economic disparities, interfaith dialogue, and enviromenttal issues.

Click here to submit your question or get more information.  


Stuck on what to ask? Some questions may look like this...

Does the bible say that women are inferior to men?

Is same sex marriage okay?

Is it Christian to convert people of different faiths?

Does the bible talk about climate change?

If you need help forming your question email Rev. Tamika Nelson at